Welcome to April 2015 VEDA! This month is meant to be fun and a stress free VEDA. Feel free to post daily, weekly, clump-its (a few days of veda together) or pick out your favorites. This is meant to be fun and meet new people without being overwhelmed by so many videos. Have fun this month! Thanks to the help of Pete Peters with his amazing questions we have a full 30 days of questions! So we are fully loaded with questions and ready to bring in VEDA! Also, if you want to participate in VEDA this month please include your information under my VEDA 2015 vlog.

VEDA April 2015 Link:

Pete Peters Page (helped out with questions):

Here we go, VEDA! Have fun! 🙂

APRIL 1: A quick get-to-know-you: Answer these quick questions so we can get to know a little bit about you! What is your name? What is your Favorite thing about April? Tells us a little bit about you!

APRIL 2: Is this your first VEDA? Have you done VEDA before?

APRIL 3: What is your favorite hobby/activity?

APRIL 4: If you could have someone teach you, what would you want to learn?

APRIL 5: Easter Sunday. How are you going to spend your day? Whether you want to take us along, or just tell us a story. What’s a favorite memory/or new memory of Easter?

APRIL 6: Assuming you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go and why?

APRIL 7: When do you start to spring clean? Or venture outdoors for spring activities?

APRIL 8: Do you like being at the beach? Why or why not?

APRIL 9: Would you like to be on TV? What would you be or do?

APRIL 10: Do you play a musical instrument? If so, how about a little demo?

APRIL 11: It is great to have friends. Who is your favorite friend – why is he or she your favorite?

APRIL 12: Do you have one pet or several pet(s)? Talk about it or them.

APRIL 13: If you found a pot of gold coins, what would you do with it?

APRIL 14: What is your favorite season of the year? Why?

APRIL 15: Smile and pat yourself on the back – this is the half way point. Are you having fun? Learning anything new?

APRIL 16: Where you live, when it storms, do you have thunder claps, rolling thunder, etc. Does it scare you?

APRIL 17: What kind of music do you love the best? Sing a song (just kidding) unless you want to.

APRIL 18: Favorite colors you like the best.

APRIL 19: People usually fall into different categories of when they are most productive. Are you more productive in the morning, afternoon, evening, wee hours of the morning?

APRIL 20: If there was one thing you could eliminate to make life better, what would you eliminate? Better for you and/or others.

APRIL 21: Your best way of communicating. Some are oral, some prefer written word, some in music, other.

APRIL 22: If you work in an office setting don’t forget today is Administrative Profession Day! Since it’s Administrative Profession Day let’s keep today’s question in reference to organizing. How do you stay organized at home? Do you have one area that you display all the family activities? Notes? Events?

APRIL 23: What is it like where you live? Many people don’t know what the weather and such is where you live. Why would someone want to come to where you live? (Town, city, state, etc.)

APRIL 24: Your favorite footwear. Flip-flops? High Heels? Cowboy/girl boots? Hiking boots? Combat boots? Do you have lots of shoes/boots?

APRIL 25: Are you a city, country, suburbs, other type of person? Why do you like or hate where you are now? Where would you rather live?

APRIL 26: If you had Super Powers, what would yours be and how would you use that or those powers?

APRIL 27: Do you have creepy insects or larger pests that …well..are creepy or scary in your area? What is it/them? Show us if you can J

APRIL 28: Is there any other VEDA people you have watched and are impressed with how they have done their VEDA vlogs?

APRIL 29: What is your favorite food to eat? Prefer eating out or at home, maybe a Bar-b-que in the yard?

APRIL 30: If you made it this far….CONGRATULATIONS. Talk about about anything you want. Today is YOUR DAY!!!!! Way To Go.


2 thoughts on “VEDA 2015 QUESTIONS AND SIGN UP

  1. Still not able to do anything. The one VEDA I posted was a fluke. I recorded several other days but still no way to get them posted. I give up.


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